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About Chris Creamer & What I Offer


I was born in Michigan and moved to Leelanau County in 1970 where I live with my wife of 21 years happily raising our 3 kids in this special Community. I've been licensed in real estate since 1986 and a am a full -time real estate agent specializing in residential and investment properties primarily as a buyer’s agent. As a service I sometimes offer my property management services exclusively to my clients. I purposely work with a small clientele as it allows me to give highly personalized service which for me equates to quality. I have a portfolio of properties in and around traverse city that are solely for clients as “bridge accommodations” while I work to find their new home. This unique service allows for a stress less seamless transition. I’ve found that people who are really good at what they do make it look simple which is what I strive for working with a client. My father told me “don’t focus on looking for business but giving great service and the business will find you”. I welcome the opportunity to work with and welcome you to the community.

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